• Smart kit for garage door (open automatically)
    Smart kit for garage door (open automatically)

    Hi guys, here is updating QINUO new product: Smart kit is coming!!!! Why call it smart kit, having it you could open your garage door when you are still in the car without using any hands to press button.Getting into your garage door, like you are a smart home. :) the information as below for your reference: Features:1.    Long working distance. There are 4 buttons for you to set the distance range. When the car enters into the detection range, the door will open automatically. When the car is out of the detection range, the door will close automatically. If the Charger remote can not be detected in 10s, the door will close.2.    Set the delay self-closing. This smart kit can work with garden light and garage door. Automatically open and close the light and door by setting the delay self-closing.3.    One Charger can work with several receivers. Specifications:Power Supply: 12V - 24V DCFrequency: 433.0MhzMax Consumption: 100 mADecoding:Binary No. of Max Codes:1 No. of Channels: No. of Outputs NO / NC:2 Max Switching Power:0.5 A / 250 VAC,1 A / 30DCOperating Temperature:-20/ + 60 ℃ Relay Spec. :3A 30V DC or 3A 250V ACTherefore,  if you got interested in it, please kindly to contact us. 

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  • Roast Held in QINUO
    Roast Held in QINUO

    Jun 6th, QINUO had an interesting meeting---Roast in the conference hall. An event where a person has jokes and humorous criticisms made about them for daily work. A Brief Activity’s Retrospect With the pleasant music, the host announced the start of the event   Roasters’ interesting & wonderful speech on the stage      Smiling hangs on the audience’ faces   Happy ending   It’s such a great and interesting meeting that everyone has the chance to temporarily remove the burden of work for a moment. Meanwhile, all the staff can deal with the “Trivial things” from a new perspective when it happened.

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  • QINUO Car keys
    QINUO Car keys

    *professional manufacturer of  aftermarket car keys *With around 50 engineers,all car keys decoded from original kesy,and work out car key replacement , brand-new keys * Keep developing new keys *OEM car keys for 4 Chinese car companies including Cherry,and working with U.S.A top2 after market car autoparts company for 5 years. *Support customized car key decoding/cracking project

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  • Here to introduce a new product from Qinuo Electronics Co., Ltd. QN-RD638X
    Here to introduce a new product from Qinuo Electronics Co., Ltd. QN-RD638X

    also named it EPIC. It is for multi code remote, including fixed code and rolling code together. Frequency range is from 286Mhz to 868Mhz. Each button is separated, can be different code. If your house is with several brands motors, EPIC model is quite suitable for you. There are many colors can be chose, blue, grey, red, yellow, just choose what you like. The case is also with good quality, is a good choice for you.

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  • New remote with DIP Switch 40Mhz, 27Mhz for European Market
    New remote with DIP Switch 40Mhz, 27Mhz for European Market

    Hi Guy, hope you have a very safe and comfort week. The weekend is coming soon, Anna finally have 2 days to have a good rest. But I can not be released. Since the corona virus is affecting the world now. Guessing lots of people will have the idea that China might be the one who needs to take responsibility to the suffering, which it is doing now actually. China will be not be so good while the world is suffering. We nee to note that, So why bothering itself? And hope God will bless all of us, we are waiting for your guys to come back, work hard and enjoy the happiness of the life. Talking about the virus is one of my topic today. Now here goes the other one, we would like to introduce our new remote for your garage door.      Model: QN-RD604X, fixed code garage door remote, it got 2 kinks of frequencies: 27 Mhz, and 40Mhz. You must got question, why 27 Mhz and 40 Mhz, since we have 433Mhz, 330 Mhz, 868Mhz etc.... In European country, people there use the low frequency remote a lot, it got high security with the unique frequence 27 and 40 Mnz. With inserting the 10 dip switch, which means you could design your security code by yourselves. Then you don't need to worry somebody will open your door..... Therefore, if you find the item could help you, or got any question about it. just be free to talk or leave your comment below. Very appreciate. Have a nice weekend. This is Anna from QINUO as reported. Wanna more information? website for your reference. www.qinuo.net (for garage door and car key) www.u-sensors.net (smart sensors for automatic doors)

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  • Remote Control Auto Car Key
    Remote Control Auto Car Key

    The QN car key for Fiat have a similar design as the original keys and are supplied  ready-to-programme with the PCB, transponder and flip blade included. The remote feature three function buttons(lock, unlock and boot release) and can be programmed with Advanced Diagnostics devices The Fiat are packed individually in a plastic clamshell for easy identification and hook display or poly bag only.

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  • QINUO ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD was established in 2009,for now with 185 workers,65 office workers,125 factory workers. We mainly produce car key remotes,face to face remotes,compatible remotes,garage door control boards,various car auto parts. With 8 years experience and continuous efforts of our team enable us to provide customers with high qualified p1
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  • Our factory: Around 5133㎡ Standardized dust-free plants,strict measures to prevent static-current problem.100% inspection by workers and stict IPQC through entire order process. Introduced U-shape production line that significantly reduced the piling of work-in-process. Streamlined production line  ensures a high pass rate of each step. Equipp1
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  • R&D dept was established since the beginning of QINUO ELECTRONICS,we attach much importance in developing new products for demand and providing solution to customers...... R&D team: Two R&D offices,one locates in QUANZHOU with 20 engineers,the other office locates in Wuhan city with 8 engineers. 16 software engineers,6 hardware engineer1
  • For company: SGS-CSTC,ISO9001:2008,IS014001,ISO/TS16949:2009 authorized 5 stars supplier of Global Sources.com 8th year Golden Supplier of Alibaba.com 9th year Gold member and audited supplier of Made in China.com For products: we have CE,RoHS,IP55,C-TICK,FCC,SASO…and have cooperated laboratory for years,with ability to provide you different certif1
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