QINUO Electronics Group Tour in 2022
by Admin 2022-09-26

In order for everyone to fully relax after the intense work, to promote exchanges and communication between employees, and to strengthen the construction of team culture and enhance team cohesion, while the sun is just right and the breeze is not dry, the company will hold a meeting from September 24th to September 25th. We organized a two-day tour of Wuyi Mountain, a two-day tour of Xi'an, a two-day tour of Pingtan and other tourism activities, so that everyone can experience the charm of nature through travel, relax body and mind, and release stress.


The first tourist team went to the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Spot, which has the reputation of "Bi Shui Dan Mountain" and "Qi Xiu Jia Southeast".


The second tourist team went to Pingtan, the fifth largest island in the country and the largest island in Fujian. As an international tourist island, the coastal scenery of Pingtan has always been fascinating.


The third tourist team went to Xi'an, the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties and a famous "world famous historical and cultural city". Xi'an is rich in cultural relics and is a world-famous tourist destination city and one of the cities with the richest tourist resources in the country.


This two-day and one-night travel activity not only provided you with an opportunity to relax your body and mind, but also deepened everyone's understanding of team cohesion and will-strengthening while enjoying the beauty of nature to the fullest. Good memories, of course, after you relax, you need to save energy and get ready to go. During the team building, the tacit cooperation between the teams will be condensed into valuable experience in the work, and Chino's friends will also make new contributions to the company's bright future with more tacit understanding! In the days to come, we will also go hand in hand, unite our efforts, and create brilliance together!

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  • QINUO ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD was established in 2009,for now with 185 workers,65 office workers,125 factory workers. We mainly produce car key remotes,face to face remotes,compatible remotes,garage door control boards,various car auto parts. With 8 years experience and continuous efforts of our team enable us to provide customers with high qualified p1
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  • Our factory: Around 5133㎡ Standardized dust-free plants,strict measures to prevent static-current problem.100% inspection by workers and stict IPQC through entire order process. Introduced U-shape production line that significantly reduced the piling of work-in-process. Streamlined production line  ensures a high pass rate of each step. Equipp1
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  • R&D dept was established since the beginning of QINUO ELECTRONICS,we attach much importance in developing new products for demand and providing solution to customers...... R&D team: Two R&D offices,one locates in QUANZHOU with 20 engineers,the other office locates in Wuhan city with 8 engineers. 16 software engineers,6 hardware engineer1
  • For company: SGS-CSTC,ISO9001:2008,IS014001,ISO/TS16949:2009 authorized 5 stars supplier of Global Sources.com 8th year Golden Supplier of Alibaba.com 9th year Gold member and audited supplier of Made in China.com For products: we have CE,RoHS,IP55,C-TICK,FCC,SASO…and have cooperated laboratory for years,with ability to provide you different certif1

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